Teaching the game of chess

Many who enjoy chess are eager to pass the same passion to their friends. However, not all find it easy and enjoyable especially at any age. This may crush the dream to make this a family tradition and to enjoy your trophies in competitions. How should you teach your friends and family to ensure that they enjoy and turn out to be pros?

Learn The Game

learn chessChess is a game of rules that must be followed. It will be impossible to teach everyone if you do not understand and cannot follow these rules. Learn and introduce the pieces or characters. The person must be in a position to understand and even recognize these characters.

The person must also learn the rules. Characters should be known alongside what they can do and what they cannot do. Teach the person what a king represents and the relationship to the queen, rooks, bishops, etc. The person might not master all the rules and pieces at the beginning but will master them over time.

Introduce The Objectives Of The Game

Many people will take anything from their teachers. However, after introduction, it will require effort to kip the persons interested. Objectives come in two sets. One is why you are teaching the game and the purpose of each move. The game must be introduced first as fun and then as a means to sharpen his brains. Use words that reflect these objectives.

The other objective for making any chess move is to protect your king. This must be clear to the person when the game is starting. Every move made will be to ensure that the king is adequately protected. These are the basics that will motivate to play and also cause him to think through all moves made.

Time To Play

Playing is the best way to learn a game. Make the game simple for him or her at the beginning. This is enough motivation to keep playing. Speak the language of chess as you play. Introduce the persons to the console and online games. This kind of exposure is important in instilling passion and inculcating the idea that he can play anytime of day or night as well as anywhere.

The ultimate lesson is to enter into competitions. This will train the person to play and win under pressure. It also introduces other playing skills like attacking and defense that you might not possess. You will reap the rewards of a person with better memory, enhanced creativity and thoughtfulness.