Simple Tactics Of Chess

Chess is only won by those with a strategy and who are tactical. With an army of 16 characters, you have to use the powers of each to your advantage and also to disadvantage your opponent. Grandmasters have shared their winning tips with the hope that they will make you a more passionate player and deliver more wins. Here are some of the tips. If you want more tips and practice on your chess tactics, check out this site about chess tactics.

Learn The Rules

There are very strict rules that guide the way chess is played. It is upon you to understand these rules and use them to your advantage. The rules also help you to predict the moves about to be made by your opponent. By predicting their move, you can counter them and thus increase your chances of winning.

Watch What Your Opponent Does

chess tacticsMaking moves in haste will only compromise your chances of winning. For every move made by your opponent, stop to think of the implication it has on all your kings, queen, pawns, knight and all other characters. Remember that some moves have a wider implication and could disorganize your plan in a flash. Review all elements of the game every time your opponent moves.

Have An Overall View And Plan

Chess is never won on single moves. This explains why it is regarded as a game of tact. You must be both offensive and defensive. You must threaten to move hear while protecting yourself from exposure on the other end. By moving with several pieces, you mount a more formidable defense. Take control of sections and lock out your opponent. This will minimize his chances of movement and thus give you an advantage.

Know The Value Of Each Piece

Unlike other games, all pieces are not of an identical value. Before you give up even a single piece, know how much it is worth. Before your opponent takes one, know its value. Some can be traded while others are irreplaceable. Know how much each is worth and plan your game accordingly.

Watch The Center

Controlling the center is a way of locking out your opponent and limiting his moves. Those who control the middle four squares easily go forth to win. You can control moves anywhere else and can also move in multiple directions.

Tact is especially important when you are playing a money game physically or online. Guarantee the safety of your king and make every move with the end in mind. Even when you are at the best position, never lower your guard.