Chess is a phenomenal game that will force you to think while you play. There are billions of potential combinations that you can make on the chess board – it’s a very complicated game. And this is not to say that it’s difficult to understand the rules of chess. Everyone can learn how to play this game. But what happens if you wish to get better at chess? Well, there are a few ways in which you can do this.

ways to get better chess

Play more often

The first way in which you can get better at chess is by playing the game more often. It’s so intuitive that many people fail to realize this. It goes without saying that a person that plays 10 games of chess every day will improve their skills a lot faster and more effectively than a person that plays chess once every two weeks. So, if you find that you have nothing else to do – then why not head online and find an opponent that you can play against? It is also a good idea to take a break from playing sometimes and clear your mind. Surprisingly one of the most popular ways to clear you head is to do something mindless like playing at a casino. Perhaps you want to give it a try to Play UK Casino, is a fantastic place to start searching. Remember to always play safe and only at UK licensed casinos.

There are chess books that you can read – some of the greatest grandmasters in the history of chess have written their knowledge of chess into books. Inside of these books, you will be able to learn a lot about how the great grandmasters of our times have understood the game of chess. You will also learn various techniques and strategies that you can start implementing in your game.

Books, videos and more

Granted, reading books is not the most effective way to learn chess. Chances are that there won’t be any visual explanations for the various moves that are discussed in the books. This will mean that you will have to visualize the board in your head – which can be very difficult and highly impractical to do. So, our next best suggestion for you if you wish to learn to play chess better is to watch YouTube videos. There are a number of channels that deal with the game of chess and that have a high degree of popularity. So, by watching a chess-related video or two online on a daily basis, you will be able to learn more about some of the intricacies of the game of chess and thus improve your skills.

But this will all amount to nothing if you don’t spend some time in proactively thinking about the game of chess. It’s easy to play the game mindlessly and only think of the next move. But if you really try to extract yourself from the game and really think about it – you will begin to see patterns in the game that you would have never seen before. It will all come to you if you just begin to think proactively.

A short sum up

And if you follow the advice from above, you will definitely improve your skills in the game of chess. In the end, it’s all up to you. The more time you spend learning and thinking about chess, the better your skills will become in the game. So, be sure to have fun while learning more about chess!

Chess is a highly competitive game that’s played by two people. It can get very complicated and complex – there are billions of potential combinations that can be made on the board. But the basis of the game is pretty simple and everyone can get to understand them in no time. So, how do you go about learning the game of chess?

Well, the chess board consists of 64 interchanging black and white rectangles. There are 32 pieces on the board at the beginning of the game. The two players hold 16 pieces each, all deployed at the opposite ends of the board.

chess 101About the different boards

The pieces on the board have their different ways of moving and capturing other pieces. For an example, the pawn moves one square vertically and it captures other pieces one square diagonally. The knight has a unique pattern of movement and it moves two squares vertically or horizontally and one square to the side. It’s also the only piece in the game that can jump over other pieces when it moves. The bishop moves diagonally in every direction, the rook moves horizontally and vertically in every direction. The queen is the most powerful piece in the game and it can move both horizontally and vertically, and diagonally in all directions.

The king is the king!

The king is the unique piece of the game in that its value is infinite. If you lose your king – you have lost the game. The same goes for your opponent. The king moves one square in every direction. The fact that it’s a vulnerable piece and that it is hindered by lack of movement capabilities means that you should take care to protect it early on in the game. But at the end of the game, the king can turn into a powerful piece that you can use to win the game.

So, we have established that the goal of the game is to capture the king of your opponent while blocking the attempts of your opponent to take your own king. This can be done in many different ways – and this is exactly what makes the game of chess so exciting and rewarding. There are various strategies that you can implement in the game – there are attacking players, defensive players, risk-taking players, sacrifice-giving players – there are many different styles of playing chess.

How to master chess

But if you truly wish to master the game of chess then you will need to invest a lot of time and effort into it. It will take years before you will be able to get truly good at chess. And remember – losing is a part of the game. You will have to do away with your egotistical ideas about always winning at chess. There will be times when you will lose fair and square against various opponents. There will be times when you will make a blunder that will cost you the game. It’s important not to lose hope and to continue studying the intricacies of chess so that one day you can master the game.

Rules Never To Forget If You Are To Improve Your Chess Skills

chess important rulesMost chess players want to improve their ranking. This passion is based on different reasons, including the hatred for losing. They view better ranking and skills as the way to satisfy their hunger. Others want to win trophies while others target the jackpots available when you win chess games online. Whatever the reason, there are rules that you shall never forget about the game of chess.


This is a rule that applies to anyone trying to acquire new skills for whatever reason. Once you engage in something on regular basis, you master the rules and become witty at it. Continued practice will make you stronger and eventually see you win more games. This will come with glory and more trophies.

Tactics! Tactics! Tactics!

Chess is an extremely tactical game that requires strategy to win. The knowledge of rules is good but not good enough to enable you to win. Most of the players understand these rules but they do not know how to twist them to their advantage. Plan your game with your strategy and plan in mind. Solve tactical problems as you train to give you a wider view of things. This is important when you need to be consistent instead of a random winner. If you do not like tactics it is always better to play a game of luck for example casino. Choose a new casino where you will get the best casinobonus with many free spins. In that way, you will have a much higher likelihood to actually win money.

The End Game

The beauty of chess is at the end. You only win based on your position at the end of the game. Study the end game before you can study anything else. Studying the start and middle will all lead you to a certain end. This is what should be at the center of your plans. There are different types of endings based on your tactic and the response of your opponent. Know them to improve your chances of many and consistent wins.

Learn From Grandmasters

If you need a shade, you must look for the best tree. This similarly applies to chess. Learning from grandmasters in history will give you the tricks you are looking for. There is a reason Nimzowitsch, Alekhine, Tal and Botvinnik, among other grandmasters are recognized in the world of chess. There is something you can learn from them. Study their games and implement the tactics you see in your play.


It takes dedication, motivation and commitment to be a pro player. Your game should be based on the moves made on the board and not the opponent you are playing against. This is the psychology of mastering chess and beginning to win more games.

Every chess player wants to be a grandmaster some day. This is the only way to reign supreme over friends, during competitions and even online when gambling. However, competitions are only entered based on ratings. Further, you want to get a guarantee that your tactics are getting better by the day. This is why you need to better your ratings by the day.

Reading books and watching videos or people playing in real time are some of the tactics you can use. However, this only amounts to the accumulation of knowledge. Knowing the rules is different from applying them considering that you will be required to make different decisions each time. Real sharpening takes place when you are actually playing a game. Here are tricks you can use to better your game.

Calculate Your Moves

Chess is won on long-term strategy. The fact that you have made one move does not mean that you are a pro. Consider the impact of your move on the next two or three moves that will be made by your opponent. It is the best calculative player who will win a game. To calculate moves means that you have to think deeper and very fast. This calls for a person who visualizes the final position and makes all effort to reach there. World-renowned grandmasters can analyze the next ten or even fifteen moves.

Strategy Makes You A Better Player

It is not only moves that win a game. You have to calculate your strategy and make things happen. Analyze games in detail to understand what strategy means for a game. Push most of your pawns to one side, close the center positions, identify a weak pawn position and know when to sacrifice the pawn for positional or tactical advantage.

eyes on the king gamesTrain Your Eyes On The King

Chess game online or on the board are won based on what you do to the king. Play your game with your king in mind. Analyze the games played by attacking players in order to know the ideas and themes to use. Sharpen your tactical and calculating skills. Develop strategies to attack the kind from one side, both sides, in an un-castled manner and when he is at the center of the board.

The best chess players are known during play and not based on their knowledge of the game. Participate in as many games and competitions as possible. It is during these competitions that you manage games while under pressure. This enables you to gain sharper skills and improve your rating.

Chess is played as a sport today at an international level. It originated in India and travelled to other countries through business routes. Over the ages, it has gained more popularity in other parts of the world than it is India. Then how did chess become so prominent in other places let us find out?

Game of intellectuals still 2018

Chess is the game of intelligence, and so it is found that the academics usually enjoy playing this game. Such people like to challenge their mind and always find it interesting to play some games that involve the brain. So it became popular among these kinds of people. Today it is found to be popular in Russia and other European countries like Armenia, Iceland and so on.
Russians like to consider them as intellectuals, so the people grew an interest in this game and so also the people of other countries want to play these games which involve the mind more than the body.

chess 2018

Game for people of all ages

Usually, games and children go hand in hand. And for playing games except for some board games, you need to involve your body. After a certain age, you may not be comfortable to exert yourself physically. These kinds of people need some entertainment, and they took solace in the game of chess. This set of chess can be played by people of all ages as it involves just a board and a few pieces of wood. There is no physical exertion and is played indoors so can be played in any season and anytime, unlike other games. So it has become more popular among the adults than the children. You can call it the game of adults as you evolve as you play and the more you play, the more you learn about the game and become better at it.

Spend less enjoy more

Unlike other games, you don’t need to spend much on this game. Once you buy a board and a set of coins or pieces, they last for years. So on the front of the cost, you can say that it is nil. The game involves only two players so you can just call in a partner and play the game. In most of the physical games, you need to have a team of at least four to five players. So the availability of players may not be a problem. The players do not have to pay to play as it can be performed in anyone’s house. So no expense is involved in playing the game.

Benefits of chess 2018 and what lies ahead in the UK

Playing chess has many benefits. It improves you thinking and develops memory. Also playing chess your concentration increases and also your logical thinking gets developed. Apart from this, you can develop creativity and imagination. You get motivated by playing chess, and also it teaches you to be independent. Playing chess brings these benefits and more. This led to it being promoted by the intellectuals, and thus its popularity increased in the masses. Especially among the scholars, it became more popular and they, in turn, helped it to the masses. In most countries that it is played it became famous for the benefits it brought and also because it does offer some entertainment too.

We are also huge fans of New Casino Sites 2018 in the United Kingdom and hopes that we can see more betting with chess in the future. If it will come will surely list it in the top in their 2018 guide to new uk casino sites. Chess has become big and is played as a sport globally, and it has brought some warring nations together too. So isn’t it good to play it?

Many who enjoy chess are eager to pass the same passion to their friends. However, not all find it easy and enjoyable especially at any age. This may crush the dream to make this a family tradition and to enjoy your trophies in competitions. How should you teach your friends and family to ensure that they enjoy and turn out to be pros?

Learn The Game

learn chessChess is a game of rules that must be followed. It will be impossible to teach everyone if you do not understand and cannot follow these rules. Learn and introduce the pieces or characters. The person must be in a position to understand and even recognize these characters.

The person must also learn the rules. Characters should be known alongside what they can do and what they cannot do. Teach the person what a king represents and the relationship to the queen, rooks, bishops, etc. The person might not master all the rules and pieces at the beginning but will master them over time.

Introduce The Objectives Of The Game

Many people will take anything from their teachers. However, after introduction, it will require effort to kip the persons interested. Objectives come in two sets. One is why you are teaching the game and the purpose of each move. The game must be introduced first as fun and then as a means to sharpen his brains. Use words that reflect these objectives.

The other objective for making any chess move is to protect your king. This must be clear to the person when the game is starting. Every move made will be to ensure that the king is adequately protected. These are the basics that will motivate to play and also cause him to think through all moves made.

Time To Play

Playing is the best way to learn a game. Make the game simple for him or her at the beginning. This is enough motivation to keep playing. Speak the language of chess as you play. Introduce the persons to the console and online games. This kind of exposure is important in instilling passion and inculcating the idea that he can play anytime of day or night as well as anywhere.

The ultimate lesson is to enter into competitions. This will train the person to play and win under pressure. It also introduces other playing skills like attacking and defense that you might not possess. You will reap the rewards of a person with better memory, enhanced creativity and thoughtfulness.

Chess is only won by those with a strategy and who are tactical. With an army of 16 characters, you have to use the powers of each to your advantage and also to disadvantage your opponent. Grandmasters have shared their winning tips with the hope that they will make you a more passionate player and deliver more wins. Here are some of the tips. If you want more tips and practice on your chess tactics, check out this site about chess tactics.

Learn The Rules

There are very strict rules that guide the way chess is played. It is upon you to understand these rules and use them to your advantage. The rules also help you to predict the moves about to be made by your opponent. By predicting their move, you can counter them and thus increase your chances of winning.

Watch What Your Opponent Does

chess tacticsMaking moves in haste will only compromise your chances of winning. For every move made by your opponent, stop to think of the implication it has on all your kings, queen, pawns, knight and all other characters. Remember that some moves have a wider implication and could disorganize your plan in a flash. Review all elements of the game every time your opponent moves.

Have An Overall View And Plan

Chess is never won on single moves. This explains why it is regarded as a game of tact. You must be both offensive and defensive. You must threaten to move hear while protecting yourself from exposure on the other end. By moving with several pieces, you mount a more formidable defense. Take control of sections and lock out your opponent. This will minimize his chances of movement and thus give you an advantage.

Know The Value Of Each Piece

Unlike other games, all pieces are not of an identical value. Before you give up even a single piece, know how much it is worth. Before your opponent takes one, know its value. Some can be traded while others are irreplaceable. Know how much each is worth and plan your game accordingly.

Watch The Center

Controlling the center is a way of locking out your opponent and limiting his moves. Those who control the middle four squares easily go forth to win. You can control moves anywhere else and can also move in multiple directions.

Tact is especially important when you are playing a money game physically or online. Guarantee the safety of your king and make every move with the end in mind. Even when you are at the best position, never lower your guard.

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. It is loved because of its high demand for wit and intellect. Though it is a social engagement, it does not break a bone to earn from your wit. Further more, the rules are not too complicated. In fact it is played by children of a very young age. Why would it not be possible to play the game in a casino or online for money?

The truth is that chess games have taken place in various casinos around the world. Many pros have left the casinos with handsome rewards. But casinos being what they are, there is the temptation to play on until your win is wiped out. This should not dissuade anyone from engaging in gambling.

Chess is unique and only a preserve of a few. You have to master the moves between the king, queen, rook, bishop, pawn and knight. You have a single king and queen, two knights, bishops and rooks and a total of eight pawns. The rules allow you to occupy an empty space on the board or one that has been occupied by your opponent. You win by capturing the pieces being used by your opponent. These pieces have to be removed from the board.

gambling chess

There are instructions directing the movement of each piece. For instance, while the king can move in any space and any direction, it only makes one move. For the queen, movement is in all directions but can move more than one space at a time. Some can jump spaces while others cannot. To win while gambling, you must understand these moves and be in a position to predict the next move that your opponent will be making.

Check And Checkmate

Checking your opponent is a strategy used to win the game. It means that you have placed him in a position where he cannot move and thus has to be captured. You cannot make a move if your king has been checked until you find a way of disentangling yourself. In this highly witty game, you only bet if you have a degree of certainty that you are not up against a grandmaster.

Chess Online

There are few sites offering chess online for money where you play against a real opponent. If you have to play chess for money, be sure that you have a chance of winning. Be sure of your standard to enable you to find an equal opponent and thus increase your chances of winning.

Chess is a fantastic game that is full of thinking and action. For the one who knows the rules and likes to play it is very fun to watch a championship consisting of 12 games. Next year in 2018 there will be a World Chess Championship between last winner Magnus Carlsen and yet to be known player. The opponent will be determined by a qualifier round. The players that can participate in the qualifiers round depends on ranking, results and championships throughout this year. The big game will probably be in the third quarter in 2018. I´m extremely excited to follow that game and see some world-class moves.

chess games casino 2018

Other Games and Casino 2018

Next year the World Chess Championship 2018 will for sure be the biggest event of the year and most fun to watch. But until that game what can we entertain ourselves with to make life happier. In addition to several Chess Championships and Tournaments, we would like to talk about something completely different. The game of luck, casino. I know that many of our visitors are not a fan of casinos but I would anyway like to promote it. When having a rough day with plenty to think about. Maybe you are not in the mood for thinking games or academic games. Then it can actually be quite fun to just some time at a casino to get excited and have fun.

I think way too many of us Chess players take life too seriously and need to relax and try something new. The best way to try out new online casinos 2018 is free spins. With free spins, you will get a bonus that let you spin the wheels for free. If you can get free spins no deposit you do not even need to deposit money but you can still win real money. So the risk is low and the excitement level is high. If you want to find this type of bonus you can check out free spins 2018. They have a list of the best new free spins casino bonuses 2018.

Play Safe 2018

The only thing that I want you to make sure of is to only play because it is fun. You can, of course, win real money which makes it so much better but the priority one is to have fun and only play with money that you can afford losing. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and make sure that the user policies are fair. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email.

You are not buying games in an annual recurring series to be surprised every year. And not surprisingly; when F1 2017 is rolling in on store shelves this autumn, it looks like it’s like F1 2016 all over again. In developer Codemaster’s defense; it’s said that F1 2016, was well-made – a real boost for a series that started to stall. Why they strive to launch the games five months after the real F1 season, remains somewhat a mystery, but under the surface of this year’s game; some cool news is found.

f1 2017

Different strengths and weaknesses

Driving an F1 career is what it is, with qualifications and skills that can or should not be very different from what people expect. Points scored are divided into four main areas, and because different teams have different strengths and weaknesses, the choices can be of great importance in the long run. The right choice can give your career a lift; while the wrong decision is punished for the rest of the season. This gives both the decisions and the points (which are at a fairly slow pace), some weight, and the career is generally well done.

Championship – mode offers short-term challenges with specific focuses, such as only city races, or races in precipitation. In multiplayer, like last year, you can run seasons with friends, but unfortunately there is still no split screen.

Surgical Precision in F1 2017

The cars in F1 2017 have a more powerful downforce, which further reinforces the closest surgical precision that characterizes the sport. Curves can be taken at higher speeds and the cars feels solid; and especially with gamepad, you really get a good feeling for your vehicle.  A good steering wheel gives the cars more life, but I am still amazed at the senseless grip. It is probably in phase with the way real F1 cars work, but one must make sure that the F1 games are arcade”y” with fairly credible elements, and not the other way round. This year’s game had earned some more demanding driving, although precipitation occasionally solves this issue.

A strong reason to drive other type of game-modes over career-mode; is that you can drive them with older F1 cars. A dozen retro vehicles from between 1988 to 2010, you can find here! And the older they are, the clearer it becomes how much more life passion lived in these cars, compared to today’s racers.