Increasing Your Chess Ratings Quickly

Every chess player wants to be a grandmaster some day. This is the only way to reign supreme over friends, during competitions and even online when gambling. However, competitions are only entered based on ratings. Further, you want to get a guarantee that your tactics are getting better by the day. This is why you need to better your ratings by the day.

Reading books and watching videos or people playing in real time are some of the tactics you can use. However, this only amounts to the accumulation of knowledge. Knowing the rules is different from applying them considering that you will be required to make different decisions each time. Real sharpening takes place when you are actually playing a game. Here are tricks you can use to better your game.

Calculate Your Moves

Chess is won on long-term strategy. The fact that you have made one move does not mean that you are a pro. Consider the impact of your move on the next two or three moves that will be made by your opponent. It is the best calculative player who will win a game. To calculate moves means that you have to think deeper and very fast. This calls for a person who visualizes the final position and makes all effort to reach there. World-renowned grandmasters can analyze the next ten or even fifteen moves.

Strategy Makes You A Better Player

It is not only moves that win a game. You have to calculate your strategy and make things happen. Analyze games in detail to understand what strategy means for a game. Push most of your pawns to one side, close the center positions, identify a weak pawn position and know when to sacrifice the pawn for positional or tactical advantage.

eyes on the king gamesTrain Your Eyes On The King

Chess game online or on the board are won based on what you do to the king. Play your game with your king in mind. Analyze the games played by attacking players in order to know the ideas and themes to use. Sharpen your tactical and calculating skills. Develop strategies to attack the kind from one side, both sides, in an un-castled manner and when he is at the center of the board.

The best chess players are known during play and not based on their knowledge of the game. Participate in as many games and competitions as possible. It is during these competitions that you manage games while under pressure. This enables you to gain sharper skills and improve your rating.