How to win chess in a few steps?

Chess is such a game that could be learned easily, but if you are an expert in it, it will become a cakewalk for you. Once you have mastered this game, you do not need to play a long game. Here are the points that can help you in winning the game in a few steps.

win chess

Play slowly

The word slowly here does not mean that the game you are playing should be extended to a longer period of time. By the term slow game, we mean that you should take your time to make the move. Think properly, analyze the situation, look on the risk factors and then proceed further. When you play with this pace, there are chances that you do not need to wait for long and you checkmate your opponent in a few steps.

Focus on casting 

Castling is nothing but ensuring that your king is safe. This is ensured at the end of the game. If you want to finish or win the game in a few steps, then you need to castle early. You should start this process, once you see that the squares near your king are unoccupied and that the opponent could attack anytime. This is the time when you should put your rook to function. If the opposing team does not agree to the castle, you should attack their king and should checkmate it. 

Keep analyzing the situation

To win the game of chess and that too in just a few steps, one should keep on analyzing the situation created by the moves of the opponent. This will actually help you in deciding your future move. Also, if your opponent attacks on you, you could be able to protect yourself. Analyzing the situation basically means being aware of the things that are happening and this helps the particular player where the game is leading and what is his position in it.

No time wastage

In the first point, we mentioned that one should play slowly. This particular point suggests that, before making a move, one should think properly. However, if you know what your next move would be, you should not waste your time thinking more about it. There are players who always think of doing better and better, which is good actually, but this does not mean that we are allowed to waste time. To win the game in few steps, avoid doing it. 

Remember points concerned with every piece

Your victory will finally depend on the points that you have made by the end of the game. One mistake that most of the players commit is that they focus only on the game and not on the points that each piece contains. When you remember the points, you know the value of the particular piece and thus you know which one to lose first and vice versa.

These are all the points, which when set in a player’s mind, can enable him or her to win the game of chess in a few steps without much effort. Try out these tips and you will see a lot of difference in your style of playing. 

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