Gambling With Chess

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. It is loved because of its high demand for wit and intellect. Though it is a social engagement, it does not break a bone to earn from your wit. Further more, the rules are not too complicated. In fact it is played by children of a very young age. Why would it not be possible to play the game in a casino or online for money?

The truth is that chess games have taken place in various casinos around the world. Many pros have left the casinos with handsome rewards. But casinos being what they are, there is the temptation to play on until your win is wiped out. This should not dissuade anyone from engaging in gambling.

Chess is unique and only a preserve of a few. You have to master the moves between the king, queen, rook, bishop, pawn and knight. You have a single king and queen, two knights, bishops and rooks and a total of eight pawns. The rules allow you to occupy an empty space on the board or one that has been occupied by your opponent. You win by capturing the pieces being used by your opponent. These pieces have to be removed from the board.

gambling chess

There are instructions directing the movement of each piece. For instance, while the king can move in any space and any direction, it only makes one move. For the queen, movement is in all directions but can move more than one space at a time. Some can jump spaces while others cannot. To win while gambling, you must understand these moves and be in a position to predict the next move that your opponent will be making.

Check And Checkmate

Checking your opponent is a strategy used to win the game. It means that you have placed him in a position where he cannot move and thus has to be captured. You cannot make a move if your king has been checked until you find a way of disentangling yourself. In this highly witty game, you only bet if you have a degree of certainty that you are not up against a grandmaster.

Chess Online

There are few sites offering chess online for money where you play against a real opponent. If you have to play chess for money, be sure that you have a chance of winning. Be sure of your standard to enable you to find an equal opponent and thus increase your chances of winning.