Chess Championship 2018 and Other Games

Chess is a fantastic game that is full of thinking and action. For the one who knows the rules and likes to play it is very fun to watch a championship consisting of 12 games. Next year in 2018 there will be a World Chess Championship between last winner Magnus Carlsen and yet to be known player. The opponent will be determined by a qualifier round. The players that can participate in the qualifiers round depends on ranking, results and championships throughout this year. The big game will probably be in the third quarter in 2018. I´m extremely excited to follow that game and see some world-class moves.

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Other Games and Casino 2018

Next year the World Chess Championship 2018 will for sure be the biggest event of the year and most fun to watch. But until that game what can we entertain ourselves with to make life happier. In addition to several Chess Championships and Tournaments, we would like to talk about something completely different. The game of luck, casino. I know that many of our visitors are not a fan of casinos but I would anyway like to promote it. When having a rough day with plenty to think about. Maybe you are not in the mood for thinking games or academic games. Then it can actually be quite fun to just some time at a casino to get excited and have fun.

I think way too many of us Chess players take life too seriously and need to relax and try something new. The best way to try out new online casinos 2018 is free spins. With free spins, you will get a bonus that let you spin the wheels for free. If you can get free spins no deposit you do not even need to deposit money but you can still win real money. So the risk is low and the excitement level is high. If you want to find this type of bonus you can check out free spins 2018. They have a list of the best new free spins casino bonuses 2018.

Play Safe 2018

The only thing that I want you to make sure of is to only play because it is fun. You can, of course, win real money which makes it so much better but the priority one is to have fun and only play with money that you can afford losing. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and make sure that the user policies are fair. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email.