chess for beginners

Chess For Beginners and Play chess for money at Casinos

Chess is a game that people of all ages can learn how to play. With a little practice and a thorough knowledge of the chess game rules, Chess does not have to be complicated as some people seem to think it is. Here are the basics of playing the game.

The way in which the Chess board is laid out starts both players with the light coloured boxes on the bottom, right side of the game board. For both players Chess pieces are placed on the boxes in front of them in the same order. A rook is placed in each corner, next to a knight, with the pawns being placed along the second row. The bishops and queen and king are then added to the board before the game begins.

chess for beginners

6 different pieces

There are six types of pieces in a Chess game. Every type has its own moves. With the exception of the knight, pieces can never be moved ahead of other pieces. What they can do is move from one space to another space that results in capturing the other player’s piece.

No piece in the game is more important than the king. However, it is also among the weakest pieces on the Chess board. While other pieces can move more freely, kings are confined to only moving to the square in front of them or next to them on either side. Anytime another piece in the game overtakes the king it is referred to as a check.

How to move them

While the king may be the game’s weakest piece, the queen is always the strongest. This piece can be moved anywhere on the board as long as it remains in a straight line. Anytime the queen is able to capture the pieces of one’s opponent, it ends her move and allows for another piece to be moved.

In the case of the rook, it is neither the weakest or strongest piece on the board. While there are no limits on how far it can travel over the board it is limited to spaces in front of it, behind it or to the sides of it. Rooks can protect other rooks, making them powerful in a game of Chess.

When it comes to moving the bishop, this piece can only be moved in a diagonal direction. If a bishop starts on the colour white it has to stay on spots of that colour throughout the duration of the game. Having multiple bishops on the game board at once strengthens the power of each one. Moving the knight can essentially be moved anywhere on the game board. The knight can travel across the board in an L shaped pattern.

Pawns move differently than the other pieces on the board. Moving forward on the board limits pawns to one movement at a time, meaning other pieces can overpower them. However, pawns can be promoted if it reaches the opposite side of the game board that it started out on.

These are the basics that any new Chess player needs to know in order to understand the game.

Regarding playing chess for money

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