Why did chess become so big?

Chess is played as a sport today at an international level. It originated in India and travelled to other countries through business routes. Over the ages, it has gained more popularity in other parts of the world than it is India. Then how did chess become so prominent in other places let us find out?

Game of intellectuals still 2018

Chess is the game of intelligence, and so it is found that the academics usually enjoy playing this game. Such people like to challenge their mind and always find it interesting to play some games that involve the brain. So it became popular among these kinds of people. Today it is found to be popular in Russia and other European countries like Armenia, Iceland and so on.
Russians like to consider them as intellectuals, so the people grew an interest in this game and so also the people of other countries want to play these games which involve the mind more than the body.

chess 2018

Game for people of all ages

Usually, games and children go hand in hand. And for playing games except for some board games, you need to involve your body. After a certain age, you may not be comfortable to exert yourself physically. These kinds of people need some entertainment, and they took solace in the game of chess. This set of chess can be played by people of all ages as it involves just a board and a few pieces of wood. There is no physical exertion and is played indoors so can be played in any season and anytime, unlike other games. So it has become more popular among the adults than the children. You can call it the game of adults as you evolve as you play and the more you play, the more you learn about the game and become better at it.

Spend less enjoy more

Unlike other games, you don’t need to spend much on this game. Once you buy a board and a set of coins or pieces, they last for years. So on the front of the cost, you can say that it is nil. The game involves only two players so you can just call in a partner and play the game. In most of the physical games, you need to have a team of at least four to five players. So the availability of players may not be a problem. The players do not have to pay to play as it can be performed in anyone’s house. So no expense is involved in playing the game.

Benefits of chess 2018 and what lies ahead in the UK

Playing chess has many benefits. It improves you thinking and develops memory. Also playing chess your concentration increases and also your logical thinking gets developed. Apart from this, you can develop creativity and imagination. You get motivated by playing chess, and also it teaches you to be independent. Playing chess brings these benefits and more. This led to it being promoted by the intellectuals, and thus its popularity increased in the masses. Especially among the scholars, it became more popular and they, in turn, helped it to the masses. In most countries that it is played it became famous for the benefits it brought and also because it does offer some entertainment too.

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