chess for beginners

Chess For Beginners and Play chess for money at Casinos

Chess is a game that people of all ages can learn how to play. With a little practice and a thorough knowledge of the chess game rules, Chess does not have to be complicated as some people seem to think…

comparison checkers chess backgammon

A Comparison of Checkers, Chess, and Backgammon

Though all three are considered abstract board games, there are many differences between checkers, chess and backgammon. These differences make each game appealing to certain players. When it comes to game rules, checkers are the easiest to learn, followed by…

gambling chess

Gambling With Chess

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. It is loved because of its high demand for wit and intellect. Though it is a social engagement, it does not break a bone to earn from your…


Six Brain-games for your phone. Get Smarter!

Ruzzle Cool, Cool, Ruzzle! (Do not try to swipe the word cooler.) Intensive word game where you get a grid of 16 letters and two minutes to connect words as extensive¬†as possible. Then your opponent is facing the same task….