learn chess

Teaching the game of chess

Many who enjoy chess are eager to pass the same passion to their friends. However, not all find it easy and enjoyable especially at any age. This may crush the dream to make this a family tradition and to enjoy…

chess tactics

Simple Tactics Of Chess

Chess is only won by those with a strategy and who are tactical. With an army of 16 characters, you have to use the powers of each to your advantage and also to disadvantage your opponent. Grandmasters have shared their…

gambling chess

Gambling With Chess

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. It is loved because of its high demand for wit and intellect. Though it is a social engagement, it does not break a bone to earn from your…

chess games casino 2018

Chess Championship 2018 and Other Games

Chess is a fantastic game that is full of thinking and action. For the one who knows the rules and likes to play it is very fun to watch a championship consisting of 12 games. Next year in 2018 there…

f1 2017

A Review of F1 2017 – Don’t fix what ain’t broke

You are not buying games in an annual recurring series to be surprised every year. And not surprisingly; when F1 2017 is rolling in on store shelves this autumn, it looks like it’s like F1 2016 all over again. In…


Six Brain-games for your phone. Get Smarter!

Ruzzle Cool, Cool, Ruzzle! (Do not try to swipe the word cooler.) Intensive word game where you get a grid of 16 letters and two minutes to connect words as extensive¬†as possible. Then your opponent is facing the same task….

tiger chess

Tigerchess training

Discover the Better Player Within! I offer a range of individual distance learning options through which anybody, anywhere in the world can receive top level coaching. My speciality is to teach chess on the phone for which all you need…