Six Brain-games for your phone. Get Smarter!


Cool, Cool, Ruzzle! (Do not try to swipe the word cooler.) Intensive word game where you get a grid of 16 letters and two minutes to connect words as extensive as possible. Then your opponent is facing the same task. The key to success is to study endings – one word often bends in more shapes and forms.

Price: Free version available, the full game costs $ 3 for Android and $ 3 for iOS.



No, Wordfeud is not passé, yet. The age old variant, the immortal board game “Alfapet”, is a matter of course for anyone who thinks that words and languages ​​are all right, and Wordfeud is exactly this same game. Yes, it’s a bit slow, but Rome was not built in a day.

Price: There is a Free variant available, and the payment version costs around $ 2 for Android and $ 3 for iOS.

Quiz fight

The Rolls Royce of knowledge-games! Challenge friends, bumpy colleagues or random opponents in duels, mow them down and legitimize your “besserwisser”-status. Nerd knowledge as well as width is rewarded in this game with questions about everything you can think of.

Price: Free. If you want to get statistics about your matches, you’re buying the premium version for around $ 4.

World Map Quiz

Take away everything you forgot from the geography, including the capital of Moldova (Chisinau). This app is loaded with maps, capitals, flags and a variety of ways to test your knowledge. It may sound dry, but if you have the smallest competition-nerve and world-wide interest, this app is just right! For iOS there are similar options.

Price: Free. Only for Android


Playing chess exercises both brain-halves at the same time. It not only makes you more creative and can prevent alzheimer, you also get better overall concentration. There is a plethora of apps where you can compete against a computer, your friends or the Russian Chess Grandmaster.

Price: Free, payment-options are available for the really serious players.

Fit Brain Trainer

Here you have a collection of fun games, that are doing wonders for your brain cells. In addition, the app keeps track of your results and your development and adjusts the difficulty levels to give you the best possible training. This is rather hardcore workout for your brain, so expect some headaches 🙂

Price: Free trial. The Pro variant costs $ 17  for a lifetime access, or from $ 4 per month.