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Checkerwise is a website that provides its readers with information on gaming at large. The website is more particular about and has more data on, chess, checkers and backgammon. The simple use of words, short sentences, and descriptive step-by-step analysis make it easy to use, and very comprehensive. Use of language, also, makes it easy for all ages from age seven above to access all this information.
Chess is a strategic two-player board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares of two alternating colours (one light-themed and one dark-themed). With over 600 million players in the world, chess requires serious strategy and deep thinking.

Chess is often dubbed as the game that requires you to think, good gameplay is associated with intelligence and it is one that is enjoyed across generational borders but what do you really know about the game called chess?

There are six types of pieces, and each moves differently. It is a very technical game that requires time control. It really does sound technical and seems hard to learn, but Checkerwise has opened the opportunity for anybody and everybody to learn easily and accurately.

about checkerwise

Checkerwise simplifies the game of chess as rarely ever seen. Emphasizing on the need for a chess player to patiently learn all the intricacies of chess, it goes on to explain chess tactics such as forks, pins, skewers, castles; all of which are very important chess concepts and tactics that all users can make good use of in their game.
Checkerwise gives a descriptive definition of how a game of checkers should go, giving a comprehensive explanation of how to play the game, simple strategies that help you win and explaining other checker-related terms.

More Information about Checkerwise

The website also introduces other intellectual games for its users to learn about and play. Such as World Map Quiz, Fit Brain Trainer, Tiger Chess training, and many other fun games.
Checkerwise also features gambling session for its readers, giving ideas as to how to make money from playing Chess, checkers, and Backgammon.
Checkerwise advice its users to only subscribe to gambling with chess only if they are very sure of their success. The most intriguing thing about Checkerwise is how simple it is to understand and how it makes playing these games as easy and fulfilling as possible. It increases your chances of success, after reading, by over 50%.