If you do not know the rules of chess, you could not play it well. There are is a whole list of it, but a few of them should be there in the mind of a beginner also. Following are the rules of this game that one must know. 

Setting the chess board

The first and foremost thing that should be done properly is the setting of the chess board. This is the most important thing and if it is not done properly, then the whole game would be affected. So, there are certain rules to set the chess board. 

  1. When you start settling the pieces, make sure that the pieces are set in such a manner that a white square is left at the right-hand side of each of the players.
  2. When it comes to deciding the turns, then you should always remember that the white pieces always move first. So, the person who has selected it must be the one to move first. 
  3. If you see that your opponent is in your path, then you should take the piece. Otherwise, you are not allowed to do so. One is not allowed to remove the pieces of their side. 

Movement of pieces

All the pieces of chess have different rules for their movements. Let us discuss them one by one.


A pawn always moves in a straight direction. It could also move diagonally. It could move once at a time. However, one could use as many pawns as they want, depending on the situation. 


You could not change the line of the rook. It has to follow one straight line. However, it could move to left, right, front and back.


Knight has certain abilities that could not be found in any other chess piece. It is the only chess piece that could move 2 and a half steps. If you are not able to understand, what 2 and a half step mean, then make an imaginary L at the spot you want to move your knight. In simple words, you could move the knight for two spaces in the forward direction and then one space on the right side.


Bishops are bound to move diagonally.

Queen and King

A queen could move in the diagonal and straight directions. It could be forward, backward and even to the sides.

A king could move in any direction. It needs to take one step at a time. One should not move the king in the area of the opponents.

Value of the pieces

If you do not know the value of the chess pieces, then you won’t be able to put them in the right place. Hence the rules of the game will be violated. If you are a beginner, then you should know that Queen is of the utmost value and Pawn is considered to be of the least value. However, rook, bishop, and knight are the important components of the game. There are plenty of ways to play chess online and it has grown a lot in the last couple of months due to the Queen Gambit Netflix series. New sites and even new UK casinos 2021 has started to offer ways of gambling in chess.

rules chess

The rules mentioned above are the basic ones. If you do not know them, you could not play the game. The range

Chess is such a game that could be learned easily, but if you are an expert in it, it will become a cakewalk for you. Once you have mastered this game, you do not need to play a long game. Here are the points that can help you in winning the game in a few steps.

win chess

Play slowly

The word slowly here does not mean that the game you are playing should be extended to a longer period of time. By the term slow game, we mean that you should take your time to make the move. Think properly, analyze the situation, look on the risk factors and then proceed further. When you play with this pace, there are chances that you do not need to wait for long and you checkmate your opponent in a few steps.

Focus on casting 

Castling is nothing but ensuring that your king is safe. This is ensured at the end of the game. If you want to finish or win the game in a few steps, then you need to castle early. You should start this process, once you see that the squares near your king are unoccupied and that the opponent could attack anytime. This is the time when you should put your rook to function. If the opposing team does not agree to the castle, you should attack their king and should checkmate it. 

Keep analyzing the situation

To win the game of chess and that too in just a few steps, one should keep on analyzing the situation created by the moves of the opponent. This will actually help you in deciding your future move. Also, if your opponent attacks on you, you could be able to protect yourself. Analyzing the situation basically means being aware of the things that are happening and this helps the particular player where the game is leading and what is his position in it.

No time wastage

In the first point, we mentioned that one should play slowly. This particular point suggests that, before making a move, one should think properly. However, if you know what your next move would be, you should not waste your time thinking more about it. There are players who always think of doing better and better, which is good actually, but this does not mean that we are allowed to waste time. To win the game in few steps, avoid doing it. 

Remember points concerned with every piece

Your victory will finally depend on the points that you have made by the end of the game. One mistake that most of the players commit is that they focus only on the game and not on the points that each piece contains. When you remember the points, you know the value of the particular piece and thus you know which one to lose first and vice versa.

These are all the points, which when set in a player’s mind, can enable him or her to win the game of chess in a few steps without much effort. Try out these tips and you will see a lot of difference in your style of playing. 

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Strength of the pawn

Strength of the pawn – myth or fact?

Each player on the chessboard has 16 figurines which he or she can use in order to win the game. Each individual piece has its strengths and weaknesses and you need to be well-versed in all of them in order to make the best of it. Today we will talk about one of the most underestimated pieces in the entire game of chess – the pawn.

The pawn is indeed the weakest piece on the board when we see it isolation. The way it moves is by moving one square vertically and by capturing one square diagonally, all towards your opponent’s base. And since you have 8 pawns at the start of the game – a lot of people tend to think of the pawn as a very unimportant piece that can be sacrificed with no serious consequences whatsoever.

Therefore use the strength of the pawn!

Use the Pawn to your strength

Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise. The pawn may indeed be the weakest piece when taken in isolation – but if you combine the strength of several pawns and form a chain between them, then you can create an impenetrable wall which your opponent won’t be able to destroy. So, make sure that you use the pawns to their fullest potential possible.

For one, there are ways in which you can dictate the rest of the game solely via your pawn structure in the middle of the board. There are two ways in which you can utilize your knights and bishops to your benefit. If the central pawn structure is locked – this means that you will have a perfect chance to use the knights.

The knights have a unique power of jumping over other pieces – such as over the locked pawns. In this situation, the bishops would be weaker. So, if you happen to have a bishop, and your opponent has a knight – and the centre of the board is blocked by pawns, then you’ll want to trade your bishop for your opponent’s knight. If the opposite is the case, then you will not want to exchange the knight for the bishop.

Pawn structure

If, on the other hand, the pawn structure in the middle of the board is not locked, then the bishop has a lot more power than the knight. This is because of the fact that the bishop could then slice through the middle of the board diagonally without being hindered by the pawns.

A good pawn structure is similar to when two great athletes become a legendary team and form a joint partnership. Similar to the eternal bond between Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush and others. When you have that on the board, even the weakest pawns will create a great pair of fighters.

Special moves

The pawns also have three special moves:

  • The first special move is the fact that they can move vertically two squares as their first move.
  • The second special move is that they can take an enemy pawn “en passant”, or in passing.
  • And the third special move is that they can get promoted to any other piece of the game, except the king.

So, if you have lost a queen and you’re direly fighting off your opponent’s attacks, then you may end up saving the game by promoting your pawn to a queen.

Strength of the Pawn summary

As you can see, the pawn has many intricacies and is far from being a weak, unimportant piece in the game of chess. Be sure to learn all about it – learn how to use it and how to play with the pawns, as this will dramatically improve your chess game.

If you are serious about playing chess, then you should be working on the development of the skills required for it. Here are the points that you could actually follow, in order to improve your chess skills.

Play on a regular basis

The first way to improve your chess skills is that you need to play it on a regular basis. If you want to learn the accuracies of the game quickly, then you need to play it on and on. Get a hold of a person who knows to play the game and play it. If not, then you have got the option of playing it online. Find the options that are available on the internet and get started. Like every other activity of life, this too needs a lot of practice.

Give up the habit of giving up

The game of chess involves a lot of mental activity in it. At times it could be frustrating and especially for those who are new to it.  You will feel like quitting it, but you should not do it at any cost. Be in the mood of the game and do not give up. There will come a time when you start loving it. Till then you need to keep patience unless you won’t be able to develop your skills.

Turn the game in your own style

To play the game with sincerity and passion, one needs to develop his or her own style of playing it. it will obviously come to you, once you are experienced and have played a lot of games. When you play new games every day, you come across possible situations that you may face. This actually contributes to forming an individual’s own style. So, keep playing and try analyzing the different situations coming in the way.

Research about it

If you are serious about improving your game skills, then you should go into deep detail of it. The research about this particular game includes the knowledge of the game from the expert’s point of view. You could either read or listen to the points that the great chess players share in their speeches. In today’s time, you have got the help of YouTube, where you could actually find the videos regarding this particular game. You can also watch the chess matches that are being played on the national or international level.

Try modern gaming alternatives

Even though this might not be the most conventional way of learning, trying chess on new modern platforms might actually help. VR technology is growing within every single gaming market and the trend shows how much the audience like it. Being able to play in a Virtual Reality 3D world, you are able to see the chess game from another perspective. VR is one of the top trends among gaming in 2020 and something we love to apply on a classic old chess game.

Know the method of the end game

Although each and every move that you make in a game of chess is important in the context of the game, the opening moves and the end moves are of the utmost importance. Remember that, if you have done a bad start, you can come back and take the hold of the game and if you have done everything well in the beginning, but don’t the ending well, you will lose the game badly.

These are not the points that you will find in any rule book. These are not the rules, but skills that could be used in order to play this game in a better way.

A game of chess could be played both on board and on any online platform. Playing online is super easy and you can easily create an account at Chess.com. Even if the game itself remains the same there are some differences when playing chess online or offline. Here are the four biggest differences when playing chess on a board vs playing chess online.

1. Time limit

Chess is all the game of mind and tactics. One needs to give their mind sometime so that it could function in a better way and you could actually take a good move. If you are playing the game online, then you have not got the liberty to make your moves with such patience. You need to hurry up, as they’re often is a tighter time limit when playing chess online compared to offline chess playing. Some reactionary offline chess players even say that playing chess online is similar to an online casino and that only luck determines the outcome. But we think they are being a bit harsh.
When we talk about the game on board, then the scene is completely different. One could take their time to think and then make the move as longer playtime often is more accepted offline.

2. Talking to the opponent

The indoor games like chess and cards are fun because we have got someone who would be talking to us. Sometimes it is just for fun, while sometimes it could be seen as a benefit. There are players, who could understand their component’s frame of mind and thus could trace their future moves. Also, while playing the game, one could use various tactics in order to distract their opponents. This liberty could not be enjoyed when you play the game online.

chess online vs offline

3. Pressure and stress of the game

Chess is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a mind game and despite being easy to learn it is hard to master. There are people who start playing the game and quit in between. The main reason behind it is the complexities that particular persons need to follow while playing the game. When you play the game on board, there are a number of people who could see you. If not them, your opponent will definitely know about your abilities. So, this situation kinds of pressurize the players and then they quit the game. If you are playing the game online or on an app, then your identity and your performance remain anonymous. You do not feel the pressure of winning all the time and thus could learn the game properly.

4. Implementation of tactics

One will learn the implementation of the various tactics of this game if they are prone to different situations in different games. When we play the game on board, we are bound to repeat the game with the same people all the time. People develop their own style of playing, thus games become familiar and easy. When you are playing chess on the app, you come across different situations and challenges every time you start a new game. This is actually good who want to learn every day and are bored of the same games.
So, these are all the differences between the chess on board and when you play the game on the internet or on an app. both the prospects are good in their own manner, selection depends on the player’s will.

Checkerwise is a platform that provides intensely detailed information on chess and gaming. A perfect go-to site for everything chess, and checkers, related. There are four major categories on this platform namely; Checkers, chess, gambling, and games.

As a chess beginner, there are step-by-step instructions, guidelines, and advice to help you through starting your Chess journey. Chess is a game played by two people, against each other, on opposite sides of a board containing 64 squares of alternating colours (usually black and white). The goal of a chess game to checkmate your opponent’s king. Learning how to play Chess drastically improves the ability to think rationally and teaches skills that can be used in everyday life. Checkerwise teaches the art of playing and understanding the game of chess in detailed easy-to-understand ways.

video gaming 247

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More alternatives than Chess

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Checkerwise is a very engaging platform that teaches users important lessons in chess and gaming, at large. Checkerwise gives handy tips and advice that helps readers have a fulfilling game of chess, checkers, backgammon and other games.

There are few people in this world who have never played a game of checkers. It dates back centuries and has become a timeless classic that players of all ages can enjoy. This game is not difficult to win as long as players are armed with the knowledge they need.

The goal of any game of checkers is for players to get their markers to the other side of the board before their opponent beats them to it. The king piece is the one players should focus on the most when it comes to winning the game. The more of their own checkers a player can turn into kings the more likely they will do so.

While many players concentrate on moving one checker at a time, this is not the recommended strategy. Players that work on moving several of their checkers give themselves an edge over their opponent. When a player has three or more lined up in a row, each one is protected because the other player can’t capture it. This is how players build what is called a bridge in a game of checkers. A bridge is formed if a player’s checkers are two spaces from their opponents’ and lined up diagonally. Players then move one of their markers ahead of the bridge and protect it from being taken over by their opponent.

Be prepared to give one up to win

One important aspect of winning any game is knowing that sometimes it can be helpful to give one up. There are times that giving up one checker so another checker has the chance to be made a king. This is a risk that is always worth taking in the game. Forced moves can help a player get the upper hand on their opponent. With the checkers in just the right position on the game board, a player can make an ordinary checker become a king.

The home spaces on the game board should always remain occupied by a player’s checkers. When the last row of checker is kept in place, players are protected because they are preventing their opponent from turning one of their own markers into a king. It is best to leave the checkers in their home spaces until such time during the game when an opposing piece must be captured. They should be saved for use when a player has few of their own checkers left on the game board.

Towards the end of any game of chess, home row checkers may have to be moved by both the game’s players. When that happens it makes it much easier for one’s opponent to acquire a king. Players should avoid trading pieces at this point in the game unless it won’t give their opponent an advantage over them.

Blocking in the markers of the other player is often the best strategy for winning a game. When one player can no longer move any of their checkers, the game is now officially over.

Chess is a game that people of all ages can learn how to play. With a little practice and a thorough knowledge of the chess game rules, Chess does not have to be complicated as some people seem to think it is. Here are the basics of playing the game.

The way in which the Chess board is laid out starts both players with the light coloured boxes on the bottom, right side of the game board. For both players Chess pieces are placed on the boxes in front of them in the same order. A rook is placed in each corner, next to a knight, with the pawns being placed along the second row. The bishops and queen and king are then added to the board before the game begins.

chess for beginners

6 different pieces

There are six types of pieces in a Chess game. Every type has its own moves. With the exception of the knight, pieces can never be moved ahead of other pieces. What they can do is move from one space to another space that results in capturing the other player’s piece.

No piece in the game is more important than the king. However, it is also among the weakest pieces on the Chess board. While other pieces can move more freely, kings are confined to only moving to the square in front of them or next to them on either side. Anytime another piece in the game overtakes the king it is referred to as a check.

How to move them

While the king may be the game’s weakest piece, the queen is always the strongest. This piece can be moved anywhere on the board as long as it remains in a straight line. Anytime the queen is able to capture the pieces of one’s opponent, it ends her move and allows for another piece to be moved.

In the case of the rook, it is neither the weakest or strongest piece on the board. While there are no limits on how far it can travel over the board it is limited to spaces in front of it, behind it or to the sides of it. Rooks can protect other rooks, making them powerful in a game of Chess.

When it comes to moving the bishop, this piece can only be moved in a diagonal direction. If a bishop starts on the colour white it has to stay on spots of that colour throughout the duration of the game. Having multiple bishops on the game board at once strengthens the power of each one. Moving the knight can essentially be moved anywhere on the game board. The knight can travel across the board in an L shaped pattern.

Pawns move differently than the other pieces on the board. Moving forward on the board limits pawns to one movement at a time, meaning other pieces can overpower them. However, pawns can be promoted if it reaches the opposite side of the game board that it started out on.

These are the basics that any new Chess player needs to know in order to understand the game.

Regarding playing chess for money

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Though all three are considered abstract board games, there are many differences between checkers, chess and backgammon. These differences make each game appealing to certain players.

When it comes to game rules, checkers are the easiest to learn, followed by backgammon and then chess. While both checkers and backgammon are two player games, backgammon involves 24 spaces and 15 checkers. A pair of dice is rolled in order to determine how many spaces the checkers will move in a game of backgammon. The basic premise of checkers and backgammon is the same, but each game has its own unique set of rules.

All three types of game boards have different patterns that contribute to the games’ differences. The patterns that open a game of chess is a higher number than the patterns that open a game of backgammon or checkers. Of the three games, chess is the only one where a player’s opening moves are critical to the outcome of the game. For beginners, the patterns of backgammon and checkers are preferable to the patterns on a chess board.

comparison checkers chess backgammon

The number of moves that can be done throughout the game is much higher for backgammon than chess or checkers. After players have made their first four moves in any game of chess, there are more than 288 billion possible moves they could make. The ultimate chess game can include as many as 5,949 moves. However, in checkers and backgammon there are much fewer choices in moves.

For those who enjoy playing with a good strategy, chess is very much preferable to backgammon and checkers. While chess is purely a game of strategy, backgammon is just as much about luck as it is about strategy. Checkers can also be a game of strategy as well as luck.

Comparison of the popularity today

The popularity of all three games has varied over the years. However, in today’s world, chess is the most popular of the three. Millions of adults all over the United States and the rest of the world play chess on a regular basis, something that cannot be said about checkers or backgammon. However, in England backgammon is much more commonly played than chess is.

Despite this, many people have gone on to play chess professionally after getting a taste of it in a personal level. Chess champions are found all over the world, whereas checkers and backgammon aren’t shown the same kind of love.

All three games can be entertaining to some players, but most have a preference. Playing chess and checkers has become more common than playing backgammon in certain parts of the world. However, all these games provide compelling reasons for players to enjoy them. Some players may even find a game of chess or checkers a relaxing way to unwind after a long day. Others may feel the same way about a good game of backgammon. These games have become classics in today’s world and will likely always be able to stand the test of time.

Chess can seem like a rather simple game. The case is that it’s anything but a simple game. Sure, it’s very easy to understand how to play it. There are the chess board and the squares and the pieces with their unique movement patterns. And there’s the main rule that you should capture the opponent’s king and protect your own.

If you truly wish to appreciate the depth of chess, you need to invest a lot of time in learning more about its intricacies. The first level of depth in the game of chess is that different figurines have different strengths and weaknesses in different positions. Even the most powerful piece on the chessboard – the queen – can be made weak and inert by bad positioning. Consequently, the pawn can be turned into the most powerful piece on the table if you know how to play your cards right.

depth of chess

The second level of depth is that there are three main phases in every game of chess. The first phase is that of the opening game. This phase consists of the opening moves that the two players will make as they battle for control of the center of the board. The second phase is the middle game and this phase is the most eventful. Players attack and capture pieces and defend and lose some of their own. Finally, there’s the endgame phase that starts when there are only a few pieces left on the board.

All of these three phases are very important in every game of chess. And if you wish to truly master the game and start your learning process on solid foundations, you should put focus on the endgame. Start playing the simplest scenarios. Start out with a king and a pawn against your opponent’s lone king. Try to promote your pawn and mate the opponent’s king. You will realize that this is not easy as it seems. There is the real danger of getting to a stalemate scenario. You will have to learn various movement patterns that you can utilize in order to evade stalemate.

Then you will need to learn the chess tactics. Forks, skewers, pins, castles – all of these are important chess concepts and tactics that you can utilize in your game. But learning them won’t come overnight. You will have to work hard before you will be able to say that you have mastered these chess techniques.

Finally, it’s important to know more about chess strategies. They will be based on your preferences and on your personality. Are you an attacking player? Or you wish to defend and counter-attack when the opportunity is ripe? The selection of style in chess can have a profound influence on how the game goes. One thing that many people forget about is to take a break a do something mindless. For example watching TV or play casino. If you do not know how to play there are many casino-experts that you help you.

And this is only just a small part of the overall depth of the game of chess. The more you play and the more you apply yourself to the game, the more of its depth will you uncover. Above all, make sure to have fun while playing chess.