chess for beginners

Chess For Beginners and Play chess for money at Casinos

Chess is a game that people of all ages can learn how to play. With a little practice and a thorough knowledge of the rules, Chess does not have to be complicated as some people seem to think it is….

comparison checkers chess backgammon

A Comparison of Checkers, Chess, and Backgammon

Though all three are considered abstract board games, there are many differences between checkers, chess and backgammon. These differences make each game appealing to certain players. When it comes to game rules, checkers are the easiest to learn, followed by…

depth of chess

The depth of Chess

Chess can seem like a rather simple game. The case is that it’s anything but a simple game. Sure, it’s very easy to understand how to play it. There are the chess board and the squares and the pieces with…

ways to get better chess

Ways to get better

Chess is a phenomenal game that will force you to think while you play. There are billions of potential combinations that you can make on the chess board – it’s a very complicated game. And this is not to say…

chess 101

Chess 101 – Lets go through the basic rules

Chess is a highly competitive game that’s played by two people. It can get very complicated and complex – there are billions of potential combinations that can be made on the board. But the basis of the game is pretty…

chess important rules

Important Rules of Chess

Rules Never To Forget If You Are To Improve Your Chess Skills Most chess players want to improve their ranking. This passion is based on different reasons, including the hatred for losing. They view better ranking and skills as the…

eyes on the king games

Increasing Your Chess Ratings Quickly

Every chess player wants to be a grandmaster some day. This is the only way to reign supreme over friends, during competitions and even online when gambling. However, competitions are only entered based on ratings. Further, you want to get…

chess 2018

Why did chess become so big?

Chess is played as a sport today at an international level. It originated in India and travelled to other countries through business routes. Over the ages, it has gained more popularity in other parts of the world than it is…

learn chess

Teaching the game of chess

Many who enjoy chess are eager to pass the same passion to their friends. However, not all find it easy and enjoyable especially at any age. This may crush the dream to make this a family tradition and to enjoy…

chess tactics

Simple Tactics Of Chess

Chess is only won by those with a strategy and who are tactical. With an army of 16 characters, you have to use the powers of each to your advantage and also to disadvantage your opponent. Grandmasters have shared their…